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 ​There are many parts to the Body of Christ and in all we are one through Him.  

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into a vital part of the Church, your local parish...


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Parents help their children learn the faith.  These teachers are needed in our youth formation.

Youth learn of our faith, together we grow to Heaven



When Francis finished rebuilding the chapel of Our Lady of the Angels, he began to repair a third little church. As he began to rebuild this chapel dedicated to St. Peter, whom Our Lord called "the rock" he began to understand that the Church is made up of "living stones" and that he was being called to restore it by preaching again the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone. With the wisdom he had gained in building stone by stone, he was now prepared to care for people one by one and share with them the "Good News" of the Gospel.   

In the Same Spirit, our Parish strives to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ.  Join the journey

October 8 & 9

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